When you’re thinking of a pub lunch in a town centre, you’re not thinking you’re going to get something that has been whipped up by a celebrity chef.

And while The King’s Head in Church Street in Oswestry doesn’t quite hit the culinary heights of a television extraordinaire, it definitely hits the target when it comes to filling your belly.

Set on the main street, The King’s Head, has the daytime pub feel: a fruit machine, a quiz machine and wall-to-wall sport and classic hits.

The Tizer team are regulars here when it comes to commiserating – or celebrating – a staff member leaving and for this reviewer, the food never lets us down, especially when we get such a warm welcome from Ben, the manager.

My staple, or regular go-to dish, is often the steak which is always cooked to perfection for me, who likes it medium-rare.

But for now, let’s talk the lasagne.

Believe it or not, it’s actually not that easy to nail down a proper lasagne. We all think it’s easy and expect one straight out of the Italian hills, which to Oswestry, is not really a direct route.

But as a group, four of the six decided on the lasagne, putting the pub’s cooking team under the sort of pressure they dreamed of.

And I would have to say it’s a challenge they rose to.

While the oil sat on the surface, it didn’t ruin the taste and the cheese, pasta and meat mix was just perfect.

A lasagne can be heavy, sit on the stomach and that can be both a good and bad thing.

And it’s a good thing here; you know you’ve had a meal you’ve thoroughly enjoyed, with an excellent side salad and a healthy pot of chips.

Well, healthy in the sense of size – it’s not a diet I would recommend (although it’s one I’m pursuing).

The meal, the environment and the company all added up to an hour (definitely an hour, boss) well-spent.

Well that hour turned into 90 mins when someone mentioned hot chocolate fudge cake, with ice cream.

And in the days of looking after the pennies, the King’s Head offers genuine value for money with a main, a pudding, sides and a drink all coming in under £15.

They might not be perfect every day but with Christmas coming and that Christmas shopping taking its toll, it’s the place to top up!

n Head to facebook.com/thekingsheadoswestry/ for a menu and more details or give them a call to book a table on 01691 650799.