Lacrosse players at a Weston Rhyn school recently competed in a challenge cup with some of the nations best school teams.

Moreton Hall took a squad to the event in Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre, where eight schools were invited to compete based on their finishing places at last year’s National Schools tournament.

Teams competed in a knockout competition across 40-minute matches using the new rules; including 10-a-side, self-start, and reduced numbers at the draw.

Moreton’s first match saw the girls take on last years’ finalists and eventual winners of the day, Guildford.

Captain of the Moreton side, Hattie Jones, said the match was a good test for her side.

She said: “It was a hugely competitive game with the scores running level for much of the match. It was only in the last two minutes that we fell behind.

“This was a really encouraging start to the cup. We worked cohesively as a team, supporting one another, and we felt ready for the subsequent games having performed so well against Guildford.”

Further matches saw Moreton beat St Mary’s Calne with another nail-biting finish and a score of 10-9.