A PETITION signed to prevent speeding on a busy Pentre road was discussed at last week’s Chirk Town Council meeting.

Residents in the village have become increasingly concerned about the speed of cars using the B5605 road between the A5 and Newbridge.

The road currently has a 50mph speed limit in place, however residents and councillors feel as though the limit is being ignored by some drivers.

Wrexham County Borough Councillor for the Chirk North ward, Councillor Frank Hemmings, brought up the issue at Wednesday night’s council meeting, and said more must be done to tackle the issue, and that he would like to see the new speed sign in Chirk move there in the new year.

He said: “Residents are concerned about the speed of traffic, but also the issue of people having to cross the roads and the presence of schoolchildren there.

“There are a lot of issues with the speed of traffic there. If you stand by the road for a significant amount of time, you will see people doing stupid things down there such as overtaking.

“It’s a 50mph road, but the speed limit is often ignored down there.

“It’s appears to be more of a problem with vehicles heading away from Chirk towards Newbridge as opposed to the way into Chirk.

“I think we should consider putting the speed sign there in the new year, and I have also asked Wrexham County Borough Council to consider putting their version of speed monitoring which is the two rubber strips on the road.”

Councillor Barbara Humphreys added: “The road used to be 60, but I remember having a petition to bring it down to 50.

“Up to the river dee bridge in Newbridge, it’s a 30mph speed limit.

“But once the bad bends start, the speed limit increases to 50mph – I think it should be 30mph all the way through.”