The Green Party candidate for North Shropshire has accused the Conservative Party of a 'lack of reality' over its manifesto's approach to climate change.

The Conservatives launched their manifesto in Telford last weekend but John Adams, who is standing in North Shropshire, believes the policy lacks the ambition needed to beat climate change.

Mr Adams also believes the manifesto does not steer far from past plans to beat climate change.

He said: “The Conservative manifesto demonstrates a complete lack of realism in addressing the climate emergency.

"It re-states the existing, inadequate commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and offers some funding for measures related to environmental protection.

"Crucially though, it lacks the necessary ambition and sees deregulated, free market capitalism as the solution to climate change rather than being the major cause of environmental destruction and increasing inequality that it is.

"We will never achieve global consensus for collective action to reverse climate change without reversing economic inequality, an idea that is completely contrary to the [Margaret] Thatcher doctrine that 'it is our job to glory in inequality and see that talents and abilities are given vent and expression for the benefit of us all'.

"Rather than ‘trickling down’ to everybody, wealth has actually ‘trickled up’ to the richest few, increasing inequality'."

He added: “The implications of reversing climate change seem to be beyond the comprehension of mainstream political parties who have been failing for decades to engage seriously with the impending crisis.

"There is no reason to believe they have the bravery or the wisdom to effect the cultural transformation that is needed to offer our children the prospect of a safe, fair and hopeful future.

"Mainstream politicians are clearly not up to the job, so it is now left to the citizens of Shropshire to stand with the Green party and demand such change in the general election on December 12."