CHRISTMAS Day is looming and for many, the festive season is now in full swing – but how early is too early when it comes to Christmas decorations, preparations and celebrations?

Whether you start shopping for gifts early in the year to grab a bargain – some starting next year’s shopping in the January sales as soon as Christmas finishes – or you are the last-minute shopper who races round the shops on Christmas Eve – here at the Tizer we have been wondering when our readers think is the best time to join in festivities.

A number of our readers have got their lights and decorations up already, while some say they are waiting until at least December before they will put up their Christmas tree, it is clear that the world is divided when it comes to all things Christmas.

Adeline Evans from Oswestry said that her family’s traditionally is to wait until the day of the town’s Christmas parade – which this year is on Saturday, December 7 – before putting their tree up.

“Our tree will go up the same day as the Christmas parade in Oswestry as always,” said Adeline.

“It’s a fun-packed day for us and the children as parade day really puts us all in the Christmas spirit.

“I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet though!”

Many have put their trees up in mid to late November, but Claire Fugill said that Balloons for all Occasions based in Oswestry’s Indoor Market, has been displaying their Christmas items for more than a month.

“We are all ready for the big day,” said Claire. “[Our] display has been up since October.”

Anne Gough, however, thinks that festivities should be limited to just Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“There are two days – the 25th and the 26th at a push,” she said.

Jemma Lee was also holding off on the decorating front until closer to the big day.

“I’m too superstitious to put mine up yet,” said Jemma.

And Debbie Roberts-Jones said: “Not before December, at least, for us!”

Paul Pritchard’s decorations have been up for nearly a month.

“Inside decorations have been on since November 2,” he said. “[The] outside was turned on November 22.

“We love Christmas.”

Kerry Howells used to leave decorating her house until Christmas Eve but now puts hers up in mid-December.

“I never used to put them up till Christmas Eve,” she said. “But I’ve relented in recent years and they go up in the week my son breaks up from school.”

“As for Christmas shopping, I do bits and pieces through the year when I see something I think a person would love,” she added.

“Rather than leave it till the last minute and buy generic stuff in a panic.”