THE New Saints Football Club and Shropshire Council have reached an agreement to resolve an ongoing issue surrounding a grant payment.

TNS received a grant of £80,000, issued by the council, as part of the Market Town Revitalisation Programme in 2012.

Chairman of the football club, Mike Harris, has maintained his belief that the money was paid to the club as a grant, and that repayments were voluntary.

The club had paid back £10,000 of the money before the end of 2018.

After an ongoing dispute, both parties have come to an agreement following a meeting between senior officials of the football club and the council.

It has been agreed that the club would continue to invest significant funding into agreed projects via the TNS Foundation, with a minimum commitment of at least £60,000 over the next five years to benefit the people of Oswestry and Shropshire.

Also, two representatives of Shropshire Council have been invited to join the board of trustees at the TNS Foundation to encourage a better working relationship between the two groups.

Mr Harris said he is happy the issue has been resolved.

"I’m delighted with the outcome of this meeting," he said. "I feel we have made significant progress and would like to thank Shropshire Council in being open to a negotiated settlement that leaves both parties able to move forward in a positive position.

"I’m also pleased that Shropshire Council recognises the great work that has been achieved and is now going to play an active role as The New Saints continue with its program of good causes in the area.”

Clive Wright, Shropshire Council's chief executive, said he too was pleased to have found a resolution.

He added: “I am really pleased we have found a way forward and look forward to both of our organisations continuing to make a difference for Shropshire communities.”