TWO thousand trees are to be planted in the Llanfyllin area to help the environment and protect against climate change.

Now volunteers are being sought to help plant them.

Lisa Barlow from the Severn Rivers Trust, the climate change resilience group leading the project, has 2,000 trees to plant under the Natural Resources funded Roots and Water project and would like your help.

On Tuesday, December 10 – 1,000 trees will be planted at a farm on the Cain – near Llanfechain.

Lisa said: “We have Severn Trent volunteers attending, but would love some help from local people as well.

“This one will be 10am to 3pm. Possibly it will continue on December 11 at the same site if we need more time.”

On Saturday, December 14, another 1,000 trees will be planted at land on the Brogan Brook.

Lisa said: “This would be a morning session with a big group and would be ideal for BRACE and Cain Valley River Group to work together.

“We’re doing a Natural Resources Wales project on roots and water, with Welsh Government funding to improve tree coverage, help rainwater infiltrate the ground and help against climate change.

“As well as bio-diversity we are also helping to improve security on farms, with hedging.”

She added: “The event in Llanfechain, we have arranged with Severn Trent’s community champions – and have put it out to the local community to help.

“We will be meeting outside Llanfyllin Spar at 9.30am on both days.

“Saturday, December 14 will be a big community day and anyone who wants to join in can meet us by the river – there will be mince pies and coffee.

“We will be trying to make the river more resilient for climate change and want as many people as possible to join in.”

Lisa added that any under-18s who want to take part should bring an adult with them.

Anyone who is looking to get involved with the volunteering can contact Lisa on 07967494219.

n For more information about BRACE Llanfyllin, visit