Oswestry Town Council has voted to support a request from the Stokes family to continue the Spring fair.

The issue was discussed at the Markets and Town Centre Committee meeting in the Guildhall on Wednesday, with a request from Allan Stokes to revive the Spring Fair in Festival Square.

Councillor John Price, town mayor, agreed with the request and motioned for the council to accept it, but his fellow councillors also raised concerns from residents.

Cllr Olly Rose said: "I agree it was great to see so many teenagers there but a few residents complained about a lack of notice."

Cllr Paul Milner added that he received a couple of complaints from residents prior to the event, which took place earlier this year, and added that 'we need to consult with residents over timings and heights of rides'.

Deputy mayor Cllr Duncan Kerr said there were complaints of urination by youths near Sainsburys while some people were worried about the event beforehand.

Cllr Peter Cherrington said: "We need to make sure the toilets are opening and at limited times, and inform the residents in time that its on and of its closing."

In summary, Cllr Price said: "I would like to remind people that we did this for the first time in a while and we have mistakes to learn from."

Meanwhile, two planning applications were under consideration, with councillors choosing not to comment on an outline proposal for residential development for land to the rear of the former Greyhound Hotel in Willow Street.

They also offered no comment on plans to convert the former dental practice in Willow Street into a restaurant or cafe, but councillors were told the move was to make it more marketable to potential buyers.