The son of an Oswestry firefighter who died while living his ‘dream retirement’ in Benidorm is pleading for financial help to bring him home for his funeral.

Samuel James Hamer, a former firefighter in Oswestry, died on Sunday, October 27, age 66, and had not made the relevant provisions for his funeral and life insurance.

His son, Ellis, is hoping many in the town who received fire safety talks and worked with Sam at Crucial Crew will be able to help the family pay for the ceremony and have his ashes scattered at his beloved Turf Moor, home of Premier League side Burnley.

“I received the news that my dad Samuel James Hamer, or ‘Fireman Sam’, or ‘Sam Tân’ [as he was known] had suddenly passed away aged 66 in Benidorm where he had retired and was living the life he dreamed of,” said Ellis.

“Unfortunately, he hadn’t made any provisions and wasn’t insured. We’d like to give him the funeral he deserved and bring him back to be scattered at his beloved Burnley FC.”

Ellis says that many in the town will remember his father from the Crucial Crew work he did with primary schools, among other things.

He added: “My dad was a career firefighter based first on green watch at Telford Central Fire Station. In 1987, he was transferred to Oswestry as an on-call firefighter and fire safety officer.

“Every schoolchild in Shropshire well into the 2000s met my dad. He was the fireman that went into schools to talk about fire safety and was the man that helped run Crucial Crew to teach children about fire safety.

“After health problems in his 50s he retired but went back to working in fire safety part-time at Shrewsbury. He kept on doing Crucial Crew but also worked with local authorities helping vulnerable people with fire safety.

“He was a well-known and popular man, loved by so many people and was the sort of person that could walk into a room full of strangers and be friends with them all within minutes.

“He is going to be sorely missed by his children, step-children and many grandchildren.

“Unfortunately, we have had to set up a crowdfunding campaign to help send him on his way and appreciate any help we get so much.

“He ended his days working part time as a Northern Soul DJ at ‘Talk of the Coast Benidorm’ who held a fundraiser last week that raised around €1,500.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the Hamer’s appeal can do so by heading to and donating there.