A craft fair to raise funds for a Scout group in Gobowen was given a festive feel by the arrival of Saturday's snow.

The fair, held at Preeshenlle United Reform Church, in St Martins Road, was to raise funds for Gobowen Scout Group for an upcoming trip to Switzerland in 2021, aiming to give youngsters of all backgrounds the opportunity to go.

However, Bridget Laraway – part of the Scouts Executive Committee, which is made up of parents – was shocked to see the heavy snow that arrived on Saturday, but thanked all those who came, with more than 50 already through the door in the afternoon..

"The committee is about how we can raise money for the Scouts," she said.

"I arrived hoping the weather didn't put too many people off.

I didn't think we'd have weather like this but it does give us a festive feel.

"The fair was for the Scouts but all of the stalls come from Gobowen and Oswestry, which we felt was important to us.

"We're fundraising for the trip to Switzerland in 2021 and we want to help as many parents as we can to pay for the trip.

"Thanks to everyone who came."

The stalls included cakes, home-made gifts while the tea room was proving popular for refreshments.