Two councillors at the centre of the £80,000 resurfacing of a minor lane have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Councillors Vince Hunt and Joyce Barrow “did nothing wrong” over the resurfacing of Shands Lane in Trefonen, near Oswestry, .

The road, which Cllr Hunt lives on, was resurfaced before Christmas last year, after Cllr Barrow sent an e-mail entitled ‘Vince Hunt’s Road!” to highways bosses at Shropshire Council asking when the work would be done.

It led to complaints from councillors and members of the public who suggested the money could have been better spent on other projects.

Cllr Kevin Pardy, for Sundorne, said he was disappointed a road safety scheme in Shrewsbury had been axed while this work was carried out.

But Mark Barrow, director of place at Shropshire Council, said it has become clear that neither councillor acted inappropriately.

Mr Barrow said: “The matter was investigated and it is safe to say that neither Cllr Hunt nor Cllr Barrow have done anything wrong.

“The two junctions at either end of the lane were previously resurfaced, the middle bit of the lane which Cllr Hunt lives on was not done.

“Cllr Hunt raised the issue with his councillor – Cllr Barrow – and she reported it to the council’s highways department.”

Mr Barrow added: “Now we have a vehicle which scans roads and produces technical data which can then rule whether a road needs work.

“Back when this work was carried out it was slightly less technical, but it was clear to the engineers who visited the site that work needed to be done.

“The work was then carried out. Neither of them have acted inappropriately.”