Residents who manage a pub in Pant have been left uncertain about their future at the popular community hub after it was sold without their knowledge last week.

The Cross Guns pub, which was owned by Marston’s Brewery, is one of the 137 pubs which has been sold by the company across the UK. Admiral Taverns are now set to take over after purchasing the pub, which is registered as a community asset in the village.

Steven Davies, who manages the Cross Guns, said nobody had been made aware that the company was considering the sale of the Pant pub, and has been left uncertain about what will happen now.

He said: “We received a phone call on Sunday evening from the area manager, saying the pub had been sold, and then received a letter confirming that on Monday morning.

“It was that quick. We were still open until Sunday evening and that’s the first time that I had heard Marston’s were even thinking about selling the pub.

“I now have a meeting with Admiral Taverns during the second week of the month, and then on November 22 they take over.

“That’s all I have been told, so basically all we can do right now is wait. I’m in limbo now, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

“It’s ridiculous really. To get told within the space of 24 hours that it’s sold with no prior knowledge is unbelievable.

“It’s not just our pub, it’s to another 130 plus pubs.

“There has been no reason, but I have seen reports online that the company is in debt, so they’ve had to sell pubs off, but Marston’s haven’t told me a reason directly."

Steven, who has lived in the area for his whole life, insists it is upsetting to think he may have to leave the pub which he has always hoped to run.

He added: “The way Admiral work as a company is a completely different agreement to Marston’s, so it’s more than likely not going to be the right deal for me and my other half to keep hold of the pub.

“It’s very frustrating – it’s our home as well, not just a business.

“I’ve been in the area my whole life and took over the pub properly nine months ago. Personally, I’ve kept an eye on the pub with Marston’s for about three years.

“I’ve always wanted to run this place – I’ve had previous pubs with Marston’s, but this pub was the one which I wanted to be at.”

He also described the pub as a community hub, a statement which Llanymynech and Pant Parish Council chairman, Councillor Dilys Gaskill, said: “As the parish council, we registered the pub as a community asset a few years back,” she said.

“That was to try to protect it because it’s the only pub in the village.

“So we do want to protect it because it’s nice for the area, and it has the playground area and outdoor seating.

“I think people are concerned because it’s something we definitely don’t want to lose it, but it has to make money for the company.”

Marston’s were unable to comment on the matter.