CONVERSATIONS flowed as tenants of Ashwood in Oswestry joined forces to design and create a poppy masterpiece.

Over the last 12 months, the independent living tenants, collectively crocheted, knitted and sewed together, the ‘waterfall effect’ poppy mural which is taking pride of place in the foyer of the Shire Living accommodation.

Brenda Rossiter, who lives in Ashwood with her husband Raymond, said that it was nice for people to work on something together.

“It was nice to get together and take part as a group,” she said. “The project helps bring people together and gets them to interact with each other.”

Myfanwy Wildblood, also a tenant, added: “Once people came along to help, they just relax and have a natter.

“We’re thinking of more ideas now.”

Brenda continued: “We’ll come up with something else; we don’t sit idle for long!”

The tenants will now take part in a minutes silence to commemorate Remembrance Sunday, where tenant George Wild, will be holding a service.

“It’s for tenants that may not have the chance to get out to a service,” said Teresa Tudor, scheme manager.