A councillor has demanded answers as to why a £20,000 safety scheme at a roundabout has been put on ice.

Councillor Kevin Pardy, said the scheme for the roundabout on the junction of Sundorne Road and Meadow Farm Drive in Shrewsbury, has been “diluted” due to the council’s financial position.

But he has now called on the plans to be revived after it was revealed that £80,000 was spent on a one-mile track leading to Cllr Vince Hunt’s home in Trefonen, near Oswestry.

Cllr Pardy, member for Sundorne, said the roundabout was a danger – with two near-misses in one evening this week.

The roundabout, next to the Severn Fields Health Village, was set for major works under previous director of place George Candler, Councillor Pardy said.

But since he left the council, they have been left on the side.

He said: “One evening this week, while walking my dogs, I witnessed two near-misses at this island, both incidents involved the sound of skidding cars and horns blaring. 

“Each of the near-misses were caused by drivers exiting the medical centre.

“Towards the end of George Candler’s tenure he gave the go-ahead to a considered revamp of the site, at the cost of £20,000. 

“Plans  and drawings were drawn up and all was set to go ahead once the plans had gone through policy.

“These plans have since been diluted due to the administration’s cutbacks.”

He added: “I’ve been told by various officers that road schemes are prioritised taking into consideration safety concerns.

“Having read that £80,000 has been spent on resurfacing a road in Trefonen, a road with no safety issues, can the council please tell me why that road had priority over the roundabout on Sundorne Road?

“Highways, having spent £80,000 on the said road, I am now asking you to reconsider restoring in full the original plans agreed by George Candler in order that my community and visitors can travel in safety.”

Shropshire Council has been asked to comment. Cllr Hunt added on Friday that he will not be commenting publicly on the lane resurfacing.