SCENES of a prison riot in a popular soap opera series were filmed in a former Shrewsbury prison and aired on television on Monday.

Shrewsbury's Dana Prison set the scene for the riots on Monday night's episodes of Coronation Street on ITV.

It marks the building's most recent feature on the big screen, after being used for filming in Most Haunted, Paranormal Lockdown and Prey.

The 18th century building is open for tours, and is famous for the number of executions that took place there.

It was the setting for two tense episodes, which followed long-standing character David Platt and his feud with fellow prisoner Josh Tucker.

The gripping episodes left fans on the edge of their seats, with members of the cast seemingly enjoying the filming just as much.

Ryan Clayton, the actor who plays Josh, posted a series of photographs on Instagram from his time spent filming at the prison.

His post read: "I predict a riot!

"Probably one of my favourite Coronation Street episodes I've filmed.

"Shout out to all the entire cast and crew, hope you all [had] fun throwing me about all day and to Corrie Makeup for following me about all day and recreating my big snotty nose for continuity.

"Hope you all enjoyed watching at home."