Oswestry's Heritage Open Days (HOD) have been praised for inspiring creativity.

The two-week spectacular, which took place in September, has been featured an official report by the Heritage Alliance which looks at highlighting the work of heritage sites and organisations to inspire and underpin the creative industries.

Oswestry's work at uncovering unsung stories was highlighted in the report, with particular reference to the work of Mark Hignett, from Oswestry Museum, on the story of love letters sent between Second World War soldiers Gilbert Bradley and Gordon Bowsher.

Mark, who coordinates the annual HODs in Oswestry, uncovered the letters and created a public-participation project, which included a kiln in which people could burn their own love letters and the ash was then turned into a diamond.

Mark said: "Hundreds of people around the world contributed letters that were burnt in a special memorial post box in Oswestry. Ceremonies to light and extinguish the flame marked the beginning and end of the festival weekend, and the ash was gathered for conversion into a commemorative diamond."

Designed by Ami Pepper, the ring is now on permanent display.