The Day Shall Come (15)

Rating: 4/10

Director: Chris Morris

This is a very funny film which can keep you laughing throughout.

It is good but doesn't live up to the ability of Four Lions. I think Americans would appreciate it more as their worry of another 9/11 would carry it along way.

It is definitely worth a watch and I spent time laughing at the film.

I think Kayvan Novak is an excellent comedy actor and plays his part very well.

Throughout the film it is apparent of the Americans worry of another disaster happening and in this film concentrate on a small group of unlikely terrorists who seem harmless but have an agenda. They want to achieve respect from their government and gain their own power and money.

The back story of the main characters is they want to pay their rent and create a political group. The leader wears a shower curtain as armour and he and his four troops work out with funny actions which they believe will be beneficial.