Oswestry's ParkRun has celebrated its first birthday.

The course, officially named Henley Wood because of where it takes place in the east of the town, saw over 140 runners take part in the celebratory event on Saturday, followed by cake at Cafe Life.

Ray Pickett, who helped launch the ParkRun, said: "I can't believe it has been a year. We are pleased with how it has gone.

"It is a wet and muddy course in the winter, but we've only ever had to cancel one when there was a storm and almost everyone [across the country] was affected so we were no exception.

"But it is a challenging course which people see to enjoy."

Ellen Harrison, who also helped to launch the course, added: "We are really grateful to everyone who helped us to start up and to our volunteers – we don't struggle but we do always welcome more volunteers."