A SCHOOL'S appeal for teddy bears to accompany pupils while reading has been successful enough to gift each child with a cuddly toy.

Weston Rhyn Primary School, in Station Road, launched its Reading Buddies initiative to encourage children to spend 15 minutes reading each day.

To help the children with their reading, the school launched an appeal for teddies to accompany them while reading.

Students were paid a special visit by The New Saints mascot Spot the Dog to launch the Reading Buddies project.

Vanessa Hackett, who works at the school, said staff and children are very grateful for the donated toys.

"We have had a great response from parents and the public to donate the teddies and every child in the school has now taken one home with a promise to read with it for 15 minutes a day," she said.

"To help launch the campaign there was a special guest appearance from Spot the TNS Dog. We are hoping this, along with other initiatives, will help to develop a love of reading from an early age.

"Towards Christmas the children will bring their reading buddies back to school for a bedtime reading evening."