Councillors from Oswestry will undertake a site visit before deciding on whether to spend thousands of pounds on a feasibility study to improve a toilet block.

At last week's finance committee meeting, the item was included as part of a wider report into Oswestry Town Council's capital projects, including the Exhibition Centre and Horsemarket Ramp.

But the councillors deferred the chance to spend £3,000 on a study into a feasibility study on refurbishing or rebuilding the toilets.

The issue arose out of a special report commissioned by councillors at the start of October, which stated there is a clear need for refurbishing the toilets.

The report stated that any architects will be survey the existing the facilities and then offer councillors two options or remodelling or refurbishing and a budget costing.

But councillors sounded a note of caution. Councillor Chris Schofield, chairing, said he had not received any complaints while deputy mayor Cllr Duncan Kerr suggested

But town clerk Arren Roberts said: "We’ve had some complaints and there’s some very old equipment in there too. My view is that it needs refurbishment."