A national charity is seeking to introduce training sessions in a bid to prevent further suicides in the Oswestry area.

PAPYRUS revealed the region had been brought to its attention by the mother of Tom Mills, who took his own life last year at the age of 26.

Sher Mills has since worked tirelessly to fundraiser in her son’s memory.

She welcomed the support of the charity: “When I contacted them about how much money I’d raised, I mentioned that more people had died since I’d last spoken to them,” said Sher.

“And how I was at a loss of what to do as I was so saddened by it.

“They told me to reach out to them for help so I asked about training.

“They said they could bring it to the town in light of how many people were dying from suicide.”

At present, PAPYRUS, the prevention of suicide in young people charity, primarily operates its training sessions from its Welsh base in Cardiff and from its head office in Warrington.

Sher continued: “I am delighted that they have offered to work with me in our small rural town as their base is in Warrington and I appreciate it’s not so easy for people to travel up there.

“There’s no adequate support in Oswestry for either children or adults with thoughts of suicide, as I sadly found out with my dear son Tom.

“Our small town is in the grip of a suicide epidemic and urgent action is needed to help those in need of intervention.

“I’m sure that local parents or people working with youngsters would be grateful of their help.

“I really want local people to have the necessary training to save lives.”

The prevention sessions vary from 90-minute overview training to half-day courses which provide in-depth training.

Regional manager at PAPYRUS’ Cardiff officer, David Heald was keen to be able to help Sher in her attempts to form a training group in Oswestry.

He said: “Our suite of training is delivered from our regional office in Cardiff or, where there is a need or sufficient interest from an organisation or community, we can deliver our training sessions at a time and place to suit them.

“As Sher brought to our attention the number of young people who have taken their own lives in Oswestry, we are able to take the training session there and support that community to become suicide-safer.”