Concerns for the safety of drivers using a new one-way system in Chirk have increased after a crash last week.

A two-vehicle collision took place in West View last week; a road which was made a one-way street last year.

Despite the system having been in place for some time, there are fears that it is still causing confusion among drivers.

Councillor Terry Evans, Chirk South councillor for Wrexham County Borough Council, said something neededo be done to alter the one-way system.

“It has been in place for about 12 months now. It is signposted, but people are still getting confused by it,” he said.

“There has been quite a lot of confusion there since it was set up, and it was quite a nasty smash which took place there last week.

“I’ve even seen buses and big trucks heading down there, the wrong way.

“I just hope everyone involved is OK, but the system is something which definitely needs looking at.”

Cllr Evans believes the old two-way system worked better, and said the current road is unsafe.

He added: “I remember it being a two-way system before the change, and as far as I can remember, there wasn’t any issues there then.

“It’s only coming off a housing estate as opposed to a busy main road or something like that, but because of the amount of confusion it causes, I don’t think it’s safe as it is.”

The councillor said the road also requires more parking nearby, as the current parking situation does not offer enough spaces for people using the nearby shops.

He said: “There is a desperate need for more parking in West View.

“There is parking one side of the road, but not on the other. So you get people parking either side of the road anyway.”

The crash happened at around 11.30am last Wednesday.

North Wales Police (NWP) received reports of a road traffic collision (RTC) in West View at 11.45am.

Wales Ambulance Service were also in attendance.

A spokesman for the ambulance service said: “We were called at approximately 11.45am.

“We responded with one emergency ambulance, where three people were treated at the scene.”