CHARITY workers at the Gobowen Orthopaedic Hospital have created a boo-tiful display featuring all things Hallowe'en.

The League of Friends (LoF) of the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital (RJAH) have thought of a creative way to brighten up the hospital by painting pumpkins and spooky spiders in the LoF shop window.

Toniann Darlington, retail manager, added the splash of colour to the window along with her sister Joanne Williams, who volunteers for the LoF, to go that extra mile.

"It's just that extra thing that's for the hospital," said Toniann. "It just brightens it up.

"My sister works full-time as a teacher so has used her weekend to help me paint the display. It took us all weekend.

"We always have amazing comments and we're always asked about our Christmas window displays too.

"People have been stopping to look at it."

Heather Thomas-Bache, office manager for the LoF said that the charity prides itself on their displays.

"We're here to make it more inviting and welcoming," she said.

"It's what we're all about. We're the first port of call for people visiting the hospital with our help desk at the front.

"Victoria [charity director] always describes us as the icing on the cake at the RJAH!"

The LoF will be holding a Recruitment Day in the main entrance at the RJAH on Tuesday at 10am for anyone wanting to find out more about being a volunteer.

Volunteers will be on hand to chat about opportunities within the LoF.

Also, on December 5, the charity is hosting a Christmas bazaar in the main reception between 10am and 4pm.

There will be singing from primary school choirs, the Cambrian Rotary Club will be there with their Christmas sleigh and there will also be bell ringers and stalls.

You may even catch the LoF volunteers dressed in festive costumes.