A TEENAGER from Oswestry has worked out a great way of raising money for charity.

Last weekend, 15-year-old Abbie Dean undertook 24 hours of workouts as part of a charity WODathon at Crossfit Oswestry, based in Core Gym, in the Maesbury Road Industrial Estate.

To raise money for childhood cancer charities – The Isabelle Lottie Foundation and Aiden's Funds – the teenager did a series of workouts of varying difficulty and time, only taking short breaks in between.

Abbie, who trains six days a week at the club, said that the fundraiser was hard work but that doing it for charity was what kept her going.

"I'm aching all over and I'm tired and I have to carry on until 7pm," said Abbie.

"It's been hard but I've had a lot of support so far. I've raised £1,500 so far online and the cash hasn't been counted yet."

One of the people supporting Abbie was her friend Miles Rendell, also 15, who had travelled all the way from Tewkesbury to workout with her.

"I've been working out with Abbie," he said. "And just offering a bit of moral support really."

During the fundraiser, Abbie took part in various workouts, including running, rowing and squats.

One section was a 'hero workout' called the Loredo, which was created in memory of a US army sergeant, including 24 air squats, 24 push-ups, 24 walking lunges and 400m of running or rowing – six times over.

"I did a 5k row at 3am too," said Abbie. "That was hard but the reason I am doing it is keeping me going."

Claire Revell, who works at Cross Fit and Core Gym was in awe of the teenager for her dedication and determination.

"Abbie is awesome," Claire said. "She's just amazing and I'm proud to know her."