THE Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia Police, John Campion, has welcomed commitments focused on helping the police force addressed by Monday’s Queen’s Speech.

Mr Campion has welcomed the government’s commitment to crime and strengthening confidence in the criminal justice system, as outlined in the speech.

The speech outlined seven criminal justice bills, including tougher prison sentences for the most serious offenders and tougher penalties for foreign national offenders who try to return to the UK after being deported.

It also pledged to look into transforming domestic violence legislation, greater protection for police officers and measures to prevent and reduce serious violence.

Mr Campion said the news is welcomed by forces across the country.

He said: “This is welcome news across the board. It shows a clear commitment to victims of crime, helping them to get the justice they deserve and ensuring they get the right help and support across sector and agencies, particularly in relation to key issues such as domestic violence.

“The commitments nationally are closely aligned to the commitments I’ve made locally, and I’m pleased to welcome measures such as the Police Covenant, which help to recognise and protect those who protect us.”