SIXTH form students at a school in Weston Rhyn have been learning skills to prepare them for life after their studies.

The Moreton Sixth students at Moreton Hall, have been getting an insight into skills which will guide them after doing their A Levels.

Moreton Enterprises' mentor, Clare Downes, has developed a monthly Directors' Table event, at which students are given the opportunity to develop their work-ready skills in sessions which include discussions from business professionals sharing their expertise.

“These are not careers talks," Clare said. "They are informal discussions, led by an array of fantastic guests from business.

"They share their experience and expertise and invite open discussion and debate, utilising various activities and tools that they would use in the workplace."

At the first event of the new academic year, students were joined by human resources consultant, Kay Heald, who led the enthusiastic group of young entrepreneurs through a lively, interactive session on the importance of listening.

Kay’s premise was that with the distractions of our 'multi-media world', actually hearing what is being said can take focus and skill, and it was this crucial skill-set that she gave the girls insight into, along with strategies to use.

Student, Charlie Brown found the session very informative.

“Breaking down the process of listening was really beneficial," she said.

For Isobel Jones, it was the shared experience of the Director’s Table which enhanced the enjoyment of the event.

“I really enjoyed all the directors of Moreton Enterprises coming together and feeling like a team, whilst being taught about the importance of listening," Isobel said.

And Clare added: “We aim to encourage the students to think a little differently and prepare their mindset for life after school.

"The discussions help to extend their understanding of how to equip themselves beyond the classroom as young adults entering the workplace.”