BROWNIES from Ellesmere had a busy weekend full of fun activities.

The 2nd Ellesmere Brownies paid a visit to the Lazy Cow Cafe in Lyneal where they had a hands-on experience on the farm, taking part in activities such as dissecting owl pellets, grooming the ponies and handling the chicks.

Brownie leader, Caroline Ford said that the girls really enjoyed the trip and praised the hosts for being so welcoming.

“We enjoyed fantastic food and a warm welcome,” she said.

“All of them want to return to the Lazy Cow.”

After their trip to the farm, the girls headed back to the Lyneal Guide Centre by torchlight for a sleepover, where they took part in fun activities such as making smores, conker wreaths and lots of singing and dancing – as well as being entertained by plays put on by each other.

The next day they took their fun outside with an insect trail around Colemere, which the girls described as ‘the best fun with your friends’.

They also tucked into a picnic, made flying crafts and had their faces painted.

“Thank you to the leaders for giving up time to make these events happen,” Caroline added.

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