A MAN from the Oswestry area has been arrested for his part in climate change protests in the country's capital.

Morgan Dicks, a campaigner for the Oswestry branch of Extinction Rebellion (XR) was arrested earlier in the week – and subsequently released – after he was involved in protests taking place in London aiming to highlight the current climate emergency.

Arrested outside of the Home Office, Morgan – a tree surgeon – is just one of more than 1,000 people who have been taken into custody for their involvement in the movement's marches.

And now campaigner Richard Boswell, also of the Oswestry XR, has said that protestors 'have no choice' but to take part in the protests which opens them up to being arrested, as they took to the front of Broadcasting House – the BBC's headquarters, on Friday.

"Today we're outside the BBC. There's protestors on the roof at the front and they won't come down until the BBC executives explain why they aren't telling the truth about the climate emergency," he said.

"It should be top of national and international agendas and it's not.

"We're making ourselves arrestable because we have no other choice now.

"Morgan has spoken about it [his arrest] as being a joyful experience because he was taking control of the future for our children and grandchildren."

Now out of custody, Morgan has spoken of his admiration for the police.

"The police were immensely friendly and they showed real concerns for the environment themselves," he said.

"They were also concerned that the police are under-resourced."

"The system is breaking and can't cope with the number of arrests," added Richard.

"A number of the police officers said they recognised he [Morgan] wasn't a criminal. They treated him like a political prisoner.

"He spent spent two hours in a police van after his arrest because of the disruption that XR was causing, which he says shows the success of our project.

"He then spent 12 hours in a cell but he says the police were lovely, caring and considerate.

"We in XR have a very strict discipline and policy of non-violence and the police appreciate that and frequently during the arrests the crowd were chanting to the police 'we love you and we're doing this for your children'.

"We're not just a bunch of hippies."