Confusion remains over the plans for developments at a busy roundabout in Oswestry.

The major changes proposed at Mile End roundabout went to public consultation last month.

But there was confusion among Oswestry town councillors at a meeting last week, when the subject of a footbridge was raised.

While some members were sure that a footbridge, allowing pedestrians to cross the A5 near the roundabout, was included in the plans, others councillors had heard otherwise.

Councillor Duncan Kerr was told a footbridge will only be put in place, should the business park go ahead.

He said: “I have been contacted by Peter Danby from the Ramblers, and he has asked us to back their call, which is that theses works should not go ahead without proper provision for a footbridge going in.

“If there’s a footbridge, or even a pelican crossing, there’s some way of safely getting across that road, but if not, then you’re going to take your chances and that’s what we don’t want to happen.

“A bridge means people can walk across safely – and if that saves one life, that will be well worth it.

“So I am asking the council to support the calls to say we want a footbridge to be part of this.”

However, Cllr Vince Hunt and Cllr Mark Jones both said they had been informed that a footbridge was already included in the plans for the developments.

Cllr Hunt said: “I listen to what Cllr Kerr is saying, and I don’t necessarily disagree, but one thing I would say is I thought a footbridge had already been proposed, but not for the road adjacent to the services.”

Cllr Olly Rose added: “They must say different things to different people, because the person I spoke to [at the consultation] about footbridges was very cagey.

“They said they wouldn’t be making any plans to put one in until they had the industrial estate there, because they need to know where it would be wanted.

“I fear that if these things aren’t mentioned, they’re missed; we need to mention that it’s necessary.”

Oswestry mayor Cllr John Price said the council needs assurances for a bridge or a crossing.

Environmental consultants, WSP, are providing the consultation.

They have been contacted for comment.