The chairman of Chirk Town Council has said the council will continue to look at ways in which it can make the town greener.

In a recent meeting of the town council, the topic of climate change was brought up as a potential discussion point for future meetings.

The Welsh Government is keen to ensure town councils across the country are doing all they can to be more biodiverse.

Chairman of the council, Councillor Brian Colley, insists the town takes the issue of climate change very seriously.

He said: “We think it’s very important, and as a council it’s something we take very seriously.

“We are continuously looking at ways we can have a positive influence on the area and we’re aware of our responsibility to do that.

“As a council, we are keen to encourage businesses in the area to do what they can for the environment as well.”

Town councils nearby have been taking action in relation to climate change, with Oswestry Town Council recently pledging to plant a tree for each person living in the town.

Cllr Colley believes the town has enough trees, and reiterated the council’s duty to look after them and provide accessible green spaces for residents in Chirk.

He added: “We recently did a survey of all the trees in the area, more from a safety point of view, because we have some really old trees around the town.

“I think we have more than enough trees here.

“As far as biodiversity is concerned, we have been looking at that – the Welsh Government is keen for town councils across Wales to consider that. That can involve a number of things; planting trees can be one of those, but it can also be preserving green spaces and designated wild flower areas.

“We have seven parks in Chirk which we care for as a town council, so we want to continue to make these recreational places as suitable as we can for people of all ages to enjoy.

“We want to encourage people to make the most of them.”

Chirk had its first electric car charging point installed earlier this year at the National Trust’s Chirk Castle site.

Cllr Colley thinks it would be beneficial for Chirk to install another charging point in the town, while giving people the opportunity to explore the town while charging their vehicle.

“We have been looking into potentially getting more electric charging points for vehicles in the area,” he added.

“We’re keen to have one installed in the main car park in the town.

“That would also form part of action to reduce carbon footprint.”