A ROADSHOW aiming to gather feedback on the region's libraries, has stopped off in Oswestry.

Representatives from Shropshire Libraries (SL) paid a visit to Oswestry on Monday to get feedback – good or bad – about the resources and services provided by libraries in Shropshire.

Coinciding with Libraries Week, Annabel Gittins, Mirka Duxberry and Teresa Eccleston from SL were on hand to give out informal surveys, asking guests what they would like from their library service and what could be improved on.

Annabel Gittins, library development manager, was keen to gather feedback from those who may not necessarily currently use the services provided by their local library.

She said: "A couple of people came in to speak to customer services downstairs and we asked them if they'd come upstairs to do the survey.

"They were actually unaware of some of the services provided by the library."

And Mirka Duxberry, also a library development manager for SL, added: "All feedback is great, negative or positive.

"It will enable us to form a development strategy to be able to provide the best library service we can."

Alongside all of the services provided at each of the 21 libraries throughout the county, both were keen to let people know that membership is free.

"It's free to become a member, so it's worth it," said Annabel.

And Mirka added: "You can sign up at the library and take a book or use the computers that day.

"But you can also sign up online too – it's really easy to do."

For more information and to find out about upcoming events at your local library, visit www.shropshire.gov.uk/libraries