PUPILS at an Oswestry school have been doing their bit to help the planet.

Year four and five pupils at Holy Trinity C of E Primary School have spent the past three weeks collecting plastic waste at home as part of an eye-opening project organised by their teacher Julie Hutson.

The youngsters in Hawkstone class then brought in their mounds of plastics to school for all to see.

"We hold these Inspire Day to invite parents to come along and get involved and to see what the children are doing," said Julie.

"We started this project on the back of the War on Plastic programme on the BBC.

"We've been looking at the environment and animals recently anyway and now we're trying to cut down on single-use plastic so we can help the planet.

"It's our part in helping the current climate crisis."

As one massive heap of packaging filled the school hall, the first task for the children was to sort the plethora of plastics into groups.

They then sorted it into piles under the categories: kitchen, bathroom and other, before sorting it into further categories such as; baby products, cleaning products, toiletries, food wrappers and drinks bottles.

"The children were asked to look at posters to help identify what was recyclable, what wasn't and what we were unsure of," Julie added.

"We noticed the kitchen section was really full.

"And we noticed that a lot of the plastics went into the bottles or food wrappers piles.

"The bottles we will recycle in school to be used in crafts.

"Bottle tops will be given to the Ironworks for a project and crisp packets will be sent to TerraCycle."

Afterwards, the youngsters were asked by their teacher what they had found out from the task and how they can help at home and in school.

As well as plastic waste, children at the school have also helped collect unwanted soft toys for the Teddy Trust, inflatables and mascara wands in order to help the environment.

And to continue with their current studies, the children will now be visiting the Sea Life Centre in Rhyl and also taking part in a clean up of the beach.