A GROUP of volunteers from Llanfyllin have been showing there is a alternative to throwing away things when they break.

BRACE (Building Resistance Against Climate Emergency) Llanfyllin encouraged people to bring their broken items to the Llanfyllin Institute on Saturday, October 5 to have them fixed by one of the many 'fixers' on site.

On hand was an expert capable of fixing everything from textiles to electricals, TVs, bikes and computers, with visitors also being taught skills on how to fix things themselves.

The event is part of a strategy on avoiding climate change, by fixing items rather than sending them to landfill.

Alison Alexander from BRACE Llanfyllin is hoping that in time the events will have an increasingly large turnout.

"The repairers volunteer their time to fix the items but people also bring in things to learn how to fix things themselves," said Alison.

"We've got volunteers for everything, from electricals, bikes and textiles. We've got 14 fixers, it's a terrific turnout, they've been occupied most of the time.

"When we held this event in Oswestry we had around 50 people turn up, so it would be great to see those numbers again.

"The beauty of it is is there's lots of different benefits. It brings the community together, it teaches new skills and it saves things from landfill with the climate emergency going on.

"A lot of the fixers I think are here because they just love fixing things!