What did you make of the roundabout plans?

DID you attend the Mile End new roundabout ‘explanation’ exhibition, at Mile End Golf Club last week? It explained why we need two roundabouts – side-by-side.

The original one, with its current confusing three lanes of road markings, will be dedicated for local traffic. The new one, making a dumbbell shape, will deal with the heavier A5 through traffic.

The clever trick is both will rub shoulders. Our present confusing three lane one is only ‘crazy’ because it tries and fails to do the job of both.

Consultant engineers WSP – independent from Shropshire Council, but handily based within Shirehall – is on the verge of a third time lucky major revamp.

I completed its survey saying both roundabouts need to be simple, with only two lanes each, and the new one will link the town with our planned new Mile End business park.

Could this really be the end of all the chaos and accidents – but more importantly is it designed to dovetail with a talked-of dualled A5 of the future – or more likely then become a bottleneck?

Just the right location

A SECOND mereside café and visitor centre wins the go ahead in Ellesmere, putting it in open competition with the well established Boathouse.

Until now the hard workers there had a monopoly on the mereside refreshment market.

Shropshire Council will open the new timber café and visitor centre at the disused Swan Hill Depot, on the western side of the Mere near to the play area, after getting the green light by the Northern Planning Committee.

Councillor Keith Roberts reckons: “It is in the end of the town where families go to feed the ducks and then go to the playground.

“It is exactly what is needed in that location.”

Warning over pole line

PLANS for a new electricity line running from Oswestry to Wem could have a significant impact on landowners along the route, warns land and property specialists Strutt & Parker.

The £18 million 132kV overhead wooden pole line is to increase the capacity for north Shropshire.

You can’t miss them!

TALK about going over the top, there are 46 signs over the 1.5 mile distance from Babbinswood to Whittington, saying the speed limit is 40mph (pictured). And Eddie Matusiak muses on Facebook that whoever made them, must be rubbing their hands in glee!