Visitors around the Leg Street and Beatrice Street area will have noticed some different faces in town, with the opening of two more new businesses, with a third to come.

In Leg Street, Fascinations is a shop aimed at the perfect wedding headwear and there will soon be a micro-brewery shop opening next door called The Bastion Alehouse.

Around the corner is Hayes Kitchen, a rustic-style cafe, owned by Sophie Dillon who has admitted she was blown away by the response of other business owners in the immediate area in welcoming her.

"I put in the planning application in mid-June and it was quiet smooth – it took the eight weeks but it was very quick," she said.

"We used to be based in Liar, Liar in Bailey Street but that was while were waiting for our other businesses to get going.

"However, my main objective for this place is for the evenings – we want to create a world food feeling, tapas, sharing boards and street food.

"You have to go to the likes of Shrewsbury or Chester for that.

"I think this type of thing will appeal to people in town, who have travelled and want that city vibe.

"I want to bring that here so they don't have to go and stay somewhere like Manchester or Liverpool.

"Other business around the area have been brilliant – one guy even went and got me some till roll. New businesses have been very supportive of each other."

Fascinations is owned by Julie O'Reilly, who has brought the shop to the area from Wrexham and is delighted by the welcome she has already received from the general public.

"The shops are great here so that's why I wanted to come to the town," she said.

"I'm happy to be here – I've been open for about a month and people who have walked past here have all wished me luck.

"I used to be in Wrexham so I think some of my customers will come with me. But I've had people from Oswestry coming to me too as well.

"I want to attract as much new business as I can but it's started well and I hope it keeps going."