THE end of the summer marks the taking down of Ellesmere's colourful knitted decorations.

It is time to bid farewell to the woolly creations which have donned trees and street furniture in the town since July, painting it with colour.

The beautiful designs, which are created by an anonymous team of local knitters and crocheters each year, have been bringing smiles to locals and visitors to the town throughout the summer.

This year, there was also a quiz for children to do and many families joined in the fun.

Various local businesses had collecting tins so that people could donate in appreciation of the display, and nearly £150 was raised which will now be donated to Our Space in the library so that it is used for projects within the local area.

The yarn bombers would like to thank Ellesmere Co-op, Rightways, the Market pub and Ismay's Fashion for their support with the project.

A spokesman said: "In case you are wondering what happens to them, many of the decorations will be washed and recycled for future use. Don't worry - the yarn bombers will be back!"