OSWESTRY Town council's amenities committee will meet this week to discus a number of items on a busy agenda.

Councillors will meet at the Council Chamber of the Guildhall on Wednesday at 7pm and the meeting will begin with a session open to the public.

Following this councillors will receive an update from the Parish Paths Partnership (P3).

Peter Danby from the Oswestry P3 group contacted the council asking for support to publicise their work and an appeal for more members.

A report has been written by Mr Danby publicising the work of the Oswestry P3 in the hopes of recieving more backing from the town council.

In the report Mr Danby says: "Training and equipment have been provided by the council which has seen many overgrown footpaths cleared, and others made more accessible by the installation of gates in place of broken or worn-out stiles.

"We know from experience that there are many walkers who can walk for many miles without problems and yet cannot manage to get over a stile. Unfortunately, we are also an ageing group and our numbers have dwindled to just a handful of active members.

"We hope that this report will enable you to support and publicise our work and appeal for more members to undertake the task of maintaining and promoting access to the town and countryside for our own residents and those who visit this delightful but sparsely walked area.”

Meanwhile the council will also consider a request from the Rotary Club to use the Christmas Tree on Festival Square as their Tree of Light.

Every year the Rotary Club have a Tree of Light, normally situated outside the Sainsbury's store, which they use as a focus for raising money for local causes, raising £6,000 last year.

For a number of reasons, putting up the tree and lights has become increasingly difficult and the Rotary Club have asked the council whether they could promote the Christmas tree on Festival Square as the Rotary Tree of Light this Christmas.

Councillors will also consider a report from the town clerk regarding the decorative street lighting columns in Oswestry, as well as a recent tree survey report and a contract for a floral decorative scheme.