AN INNOVATIVE reading scheme has been introduced to children at Weston Rhyn Primary School.

Teachers at the school are encouraging children to adopt a 'reading buddy' in the form of a teddy, which children will read to for 15 minutes per evening.

Staff at the school are now collecting small teddies for children to adopt to use and are encouraging parents to donate to the scheme.

The scheme was set up by the English coordinator for Weston Rhyn Primary School, Vanessa Hackett, who saw the idea on social media and suggested the school try it for this year.

New headteacher Dave Peterson said: "We are currently asking parents to kindly donate any small cuddly toys they may have to school.

"Once we have sufficient numbers to start, Mrs Hackett will organise the teddies to go home with children in our school, who will agree to adopt them and as part of this responsibility read to them for at least 15 minutes every night.

"Hopefully this idea – one of many – will help in our aim to encourage as many children as possible to develop a love of reading at as early an age as possible."