Visitors to Oswestry's Bailey Head on Friday were given the chance to get rid of any important documents and raise money for charity.

Justin Soper, from Rotary Club of Oswestry and Sherie Soper and Harry Richardson, from Oswestry Borderland Rotary Club, joined forces to raise money for youth projects around the area.

They were joined by Oswestry company Evastore Document Management, based in the Artillery Business Park, who brought their custom-made truck designed to shred anything brought forward, with a fee paid for official documents.

Justin admitted he was delighted so many people took up the service for charity.

He said: "The real purpose of this shredding session at the Bailey Head was to raise funds for local young people and youth organisations for their projects in and around Oswestry.

"Even a donation of something like £50 can make a huge impact and the difference for a youth project and we want to make a contribution to something that is a deserving cause.

"We want to give our thanks to Oswestry Town Council for allowing us to set up on the Bailey Head during their charity Friday market.

"We really want to thanks EvaStore for helping us with this event.

"They want to help more people in the community and other local projects.

"By lunchtime, we had raised £200 and were were there for the rest of the day. The shredding is genuine – anyone who came got an official, proper certificate for using the shredder."

Jess Jones, from EvaStore, admitted she was delighted her company could support the clubs.

She added: "We were delighted to take part in the shredding for the Rotary clubs and we really want to do more to help."