A SECONDARY school in Oswestry has reiterated its uniform policy, in light of complaints made on social media since the start of the new term on Wednesday.

The Advertizer were also informed of pupils whose uniform was deemed to fall below standard at The Marches, in Morda Road, being kept away from lessons as the school highlighted the new policy.

The school stated that, apart from what they called 'minor edits', its uniform policy for the 2019/20 year has 'substantially' remained the same as the previous year.

The school also stated the changes were made in December 2018 and that those edits were communicated to parents and carers at the time, and regularly during the last year in emails.

And it also said that pupils were made aware in year group assemblies in July and details had been available on the school's website for many months, along with photo guides to 'support purchases'.

Headteacher Alison Pearson supported the changes to the policy, and said that after feedback from the community, boots were removed from the policy.

"The most significant edit to uniform, which is a strength of school for visitors and in feedback from the community, has been the removal of boots from the permissible footwear," said Mrs Pearson.

"We took the time last year to communicate this change through the year to support our parents and carers.

"The co-operation and compliance throughout the school has been excellent and I am very proud of the students and how they present themselves in school.

"We will always work together with families in all issues, including uniform, where additional support is needed to get things right."

Many took to social media to complain about the school's actions; however, a spokesman for the school added that other parents had backed their action.