An OSWESTRY woman is using her past experience to set up a support group for people who have suffered heart problems.

Kathleen Jones is setting up the Broken Hearts and Bucket Lists group to support people who may have suffered heart attacks, been told they have coronary disease or are anticipating heart surgery.

The idea came to Kathleen after she suffered a heart attack earlier this year and learnt there was not a support group available in Oswestry.

She hopes the group will encourage people to share their experiences and talk with likeminded people about what they have been through.

“When I was admitted to hospital after having my heart attack, there was somebody else there from Oswestry for the same reason,” said Kathleen.

“I spoke with the doctor and he thought it would be a great idea to set up an Oswestry group.

“I know there’s one in Wrexham and one in Shrewsbury, but until now there hasn’t been one in Oswestry.

“I’m not really sure what people will want or need from it yet, so I’m starting with a taster session to gather peoples’ thoughts and ideas.

“I have the support of the British Heart Foundation and the cardiac unit at Shrewsbury hospital – there will also be a cardiac nurse in attendance on the day.”

Kathleen experienced her heart attack in May and was taken to hospital in Stoke where she spent 10 days.

She recalls feeling odd sensations in her arms on the way to the hospital, before being told she had suffered a severe heart attack.

Her experience has made her want to take measures to ensure people do not have to battle heart problems on their own.

She added: “It’s something I don’t want people to have to go through alone.

“People might be getting ready to go through heart surgery and might be worried about it.

“Having people there will allow us to share experiences and make them feel more at ease about the situation.

“It’s not so much the actual heart attack, but what comes after.

“It can leave you feeling very anxious any time you have a bit of chest pain; it makes you think ‘do I need to go to see a doctor?’.

“It’s a case of not knowing how much physical activity you can do and how much rest you need.

“There’s a lot of stuff to think about afterwards that people don’t often consider.”

She also gave special mention to the doctors and nurses at the cardiac unit in Shrewsbury hospital after their help.

The Broken Hearts and Bucket Lists launch day will take place on Monday, September 16 at 11am in the Cambrian Room at the Memorial Hall in Oswestry.

To find out more, email or call Kathleen on 07593 189802.