THE MP for Shropshire Owen Paterson says he is backing the Prime Minister in proroguing parliament.

Last month Boris Johnson received permission from the Queen to prorogue parliament, effectively continuing the parliament recess for another four days.

Many have seen this as undemocratic and an effort by the Prime Minister to prevent opposition of a no-deal Brexit.

In a letter to constituents, Mr Paterson deflected opposition to the proroguing, saying: "It is unclear what possible use MPs would make of extra time that could not be done in the sitting time left before October 31."

Mr Paterson added: "If those MPs who do not respect the outcome of the referendum have not managed to come up with a way of stopping Brexit before now, I do not see how an extra three days is going to help them."

The MP was particularly scathing towards members of the opposition, saying they have "constantly demanded a new parliament and a Queen's speech, only to complain that it is outrageous when they are given one.

And Mr Paterson reiterated that leaving the EU without a deal was always a possibility.

"A government was formed on the back of the promises made in the general election to leave the single market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the ECJ," said Mr Paterson. "Leaving without a deal was a very real possibility.

"Most importantly, the House voted to enact Article 50 by 494 votes to 122 which was unambiguous in making no-deal the default position.

"MPs knew that by voting for this the UK was legally bound to leave with or without a deal and this is the policy of the Prime Minister."