A GARDEN at Gobowen's Orthopaedic Hospital, which aims to give patients and their families a place to experience 'fresh air and privacy', is set to officially open next month.

Until now, patients – and their families – at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH), have only been able to take a sneak peek at the newly-completed Horatio's Garden, but on Wednesday its designers, Bunny and Unity Guinness, stopped by to make some last minute tweaks before it opens on Sunday, September 22.

The mother-and-daughter-team from Stamford in Lincolnshire have designed gardens all over the world, but were delighted to have been asked to help with the project started by Olivia Chapple, in memory of her son Horatio who had died in 2011.

"We met up with Olivia and had a look around the site, getting feedback from the patients about what they would like to see and then we came up with a design," Bunny said.

"It's nice to do a different project really. I think it's so important for the patients to have a space with privacy and fresh air.

"Before, the outdoor space had no privacy. It was exposed to the road.

"We wanted to create somewhere where patients could sit with their families, have a cup of coffee, sit by the woodburner, have a barbecue or get involved in some gardening.

"They can grow their own vegetables while they are here ready to take home when they leave.

"We have also put in scented plants which help patients get away from the clinical smell of hospitals."

And Unity echoed her mother's enthusiasm about the project which she describes as a 'nice test to do something different'.

"This garden will help them to get their lives back physically and mentally," she added.

Horatio was an aspiring doctor who had visions to create an accessible outdoor space for spinal patients at Salisbury Hospital where he had been volunteering and now after his death, his family have vowed to continue with his wishes of creating a garden at each of the spinal hospitals in the UK.

At present, four out of 11 of them now have a Horatio's Garden for patients and their families to enjoy.

"Horatio was really outgoing and kind," Olivia said.

"He loved being outside and he noticed when volunteering at Salisbury Hospital that there was nowhere for patients to go and relax outside.

"He was always pushing people to see 'outside of the box', so he decided to start raising money to build a garden at the hospital.

"He did a research survey and asked patients what they would like. He wanted it to be an accessible and social area but somewhere that was completely beautiful creating a sense of escapism.

"Anywhere but the clinical environment they were stuck in really.

"We are carrying on with his wishes now, a lot of the ideas were his before he died. He was just wise beyond his years.

"We are now actively looking for volunteers for our charity. They can be gardeners, people who would like to help our art group or our new book club or even just people who don't mind providing general companionship to patients."