Welsh-speaking youngsters in the Ceiriog Valley preparing for life after GCSEs are facing a problem as there is no suitable way of transport for them to the county’s only specifically Welsh-medium Sixth Form.

Three students in the area who were hoping to start their studies at Morgan Llwyd in September to begin their A-levels are struggling to find a way to the Wrexham-based Sixth Form.

Wrexham County Borough Council (WCBC) offers a 16-seater minibus to transport children younger than 16 to their schools; however there is no room on the bus for those older than 16 who are hoping to attend Sixth Form.

Public Transport has no direct bus service from Ceiriog Valley to the school and even by changing at Chirk to train or bus, they will would not arrive at Wrexham before 9am.

WCBC councillor for Ceiriog Valley Trevor Bates said it is another sign of how cuts are affecting rural areas.

He said: “These times of austerity seem to be hitting those living in the country hardest, our roads are the worst they have ever been, and the reduction in services is hitting those who need it most.

“Even if parents had the time and ability to drive their 16-year-old down to Chirk train station each morning, the cost would be prohibitive.

“At present I am aware of three pupils who still don’t know where their future education lies.”

Cllr Bates added that he believes more should be done to make the Sixth Form more accessible for people living in rural areas.

“Wrexham Council actually encourages people to attend schools in the county,” he said.

“Transport for education should be offered for free up until 18 years of age, they’re still not adults up until that point.

“The council are allowed to choose whether to offer free transport, although it isn’t compulsory.

“It’s frustrating for the children in question because they’re not sure what to do next.

“There’s nowhere in the region which provides Welsh-medium teaching to the extent that Morgan Llwyd does.”

Darren Williams, chief officer for environment and technical at WCBC, said: “As an authority, we removed our discretionary post-16 transport provision, and no longer provide post-16 transport of any part of the county borough.”