THE Dogs Trust has paid a special visit to Chirk Library to educate children about how to stay safe around dogs.

Youngsters visited the library in Chapel Lane on Monday afternoon to meet with Bethan Richardson, an education and community officer from the Dogs Trust, along with her 11-year-old lurcher, Flo.

They were able to get up close to Flo and give her treats hidden in her 'snuffle mat', which Flo's owner Bethan lovingly-made out of blankets to keep her mind occupied and to make food time fun.

Bethan, who travels around North Wales educating children on dog safety, said: "These sessions show kids how to behave around dogs.

"I'm here to talk to them about how to stay safe around their dogs, and we do this through stories and crafts to make it fun."

During the safety talk, the children listened to a short story called Bored Bill, which is about a dog who is really bored and one windy day, is blown into space.

The story ties in with the nationwide Summer Reading Challenge, which this year is called Space Race.

After the story, the youngsters were able to design a planet which they think would be fun for dogs, using arts and crafts.

They also answered questions such as 'What does your dog play with?' and 'Do they have a favourite toy?'.