THE search is on to find the little boy behind a hand-painted 'Thomas the Tank Engine' money box, which was handed to a train driver in Gobowen.

On Wednesday, one of Transport for Wales' (TFW) train drivers, Geraint Williams, was en route from Chester to Birmingham International when he was stopped at Gobowen Station by a lady who approached the cab window and passed him a homemade money box painted to look like Thomas the Tank Engine.

She explained that a little boy called Toby had made it because he loves trains and he had made her promise to give it to a train driver – including £2 inside of the money box, which the youngster had insisted was for the driver to buy themself a cup of tea.

The lady departed in a hurry before Geraint could ask her for her name and other details, but TFW are keen for the boy to be reunited with the train and also to offer him a behind-the-scenes tour.

If you have any information, please email