Stop ruining our rural areas for your pleasure

FECKLESS cheeky 4x4 ‘funsters’ have been giving aggression to Llanarmon DC villagers, in the Ceiriog valley – for attempting to warn them off illegal activities. Now cameras have been installed in the sleepy village, in an attempt to stop offending 4x4 drivers going where they shouldn’t.

The automatic number plate recognition cameras arrived after more than 80 residents raised concerns at a public meeting, attended by North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones.

He increased the police presence and instigated a number of operations to stop and check 4x4s, as well as motorcycles, illegally heading for the mountain tracks. Several have already been fined and warnings have gone out that untaxed vehicles will be seized.

Warning to ‘speeders’

‘SPEEDSTERS’ who have totally ignored the 50mph limit round Wrexham, be warned – your fun days are numbered.

Reflections pointed out last month that making this temporary limit permanent, could be a waste of time, with more around half the drivers already ignoring it.

But enter stage left ‘average speed cameras’ just as we proposed. Work has already started on installing them.

Now anyone fancying their chances will get a fixed penalty fine through the post! Enforcing the 50mph limit isn’t there to annoy you, but to reduce noise and pollution for those living alongside the A483 dual carriageway.

A trip back in time

TAKE a trip to St Martins to marvel how a magnificent a host of lamp post floral displays can lift the spirits. They cling to virtually every lamp post in the village – plus the avenue leading to Stans Supermarket.

And if you’ve ever pondered the village’s name, it comes from the Church of St Martin, so gained the possessive apostrophe. Saint Martin was the third bishop of Tours and is buried in that town’s Basilica where it says he converted to Christianity at a young age.

St Martins population is now listed as more than 4,500, but back in 1801 was but 1,476.

New venture un-veil-ed

THE message ‘Forever After’ has brightened up Ellesmere’s Scotland Street, now that Michelle Brandon has realised a long held ambition and opened her new cutely-named bridal shop. Following working in a hospital, Michelle can now focus her time on a happier side of life for her first forage into business. She says her new wedding shop venture will put all her focus on her passion.

Villagers to be split up

WHITTINGTON residents attended a drop-in session last week to learn more about the end of August’s bid to flatten its dodgy level crossing. It will be closed from 10.30pm on Friday 30 August until 7.30am on Monday 9 September, during which it will cut the village in half.