A classroom, refectory and boot room will be demolished at a college after it was told it did not need to seek planning permission.

Walford & North Shropshire College will knock down the three buildings which also includes a biomass hopper at the Walford Heath site.

Shropshire Council ruled that the college did not need planning permission and told it to carry on as planned.

Ollie Thomas, council planning case officer, said: “This application is a prior notification under Part 11, Class B of the Town and Country Order 2015.

“The proposal is seeking to demolish three buildings at Walford and North Shropshire College (Walford campus) and include a timber boot room; a biomass hopper; and  flat-roofed classroom and refectory block.

“The application site concerns the perimeter of three buildings and structures that form part of the wider Walford campus of the Walford and North Shropshire College.

“The buildings/structures lie on the southern section of the campus area, within the existing built-up campus area. 

“The refectory and classroom block is large building that has a prominent position within the site and served by existing on-site circulation routes; the boot room lies integral to the site; and the biomass hopper is a largely inconspicuous structure, set behind a small timber clad building, close to the Harris Centre (an animal care centre). 

“As provided within the application form, the buildings/structures are either no longer needed or in poor condition and showing signs of deterioration, requiring increased maintenance demands.

“However, all buildings/structures are still standing and have not been rendered unsafe or otherwise uninhabitable.”