OSWESTRY is set to take steps in the right direction to reducing its carbon footprint, as plans for a scheme to eliminate single-use plastics are given the green light.

The Oswestry Business Improvement District (BID) have backed plans by Liar Liar coffee shop owner Tom Jones by pledging to fund the scheme which aims to rid the town of single-use takeaway cups.

Lindsey Pierce, administrator for Oswestry BID, got on board with Tom’s idea of following in the footsteps of neighbouring town Shrewsbury who have developed a similar scheme and on July 31 the pair took the idea to Oswestry BID who have now approved it.

Lindsey said: “I’m really passionate about reducing single-use plastics and when I saw Tom’s Instagram, I loved the idea.

“We support everything Shrewsbury is trying to do and we’d love to try and encourage as many people as possible to do away with single-use.”

Tom is delighted with the positivity shown by the public in implementing such a scheme in Oswestry and is excited to get it up and running.

“I think it’s a sign of real positivity from the town moving forward and that as a town we are being forward thinking,” he said.

“The funds are in place now and hopefully with the support of business owners and the public we can set an example for the country.”

Lindsey added: “The board have approved it now and I’m in talks with Shrewsbury Cup about how we go about implementing the scheme and the cost, and how we would run it here.

“There’s such a big issue with single-use plastics and I think reducing our carbon footprint is really important.

“People do seem to want to be more ‘green’ now and a lot of companies have shown interest in supporting the scheme.

“At the moment we don’t have a design or name, but as soon as the design is finalised we can get our order in for the cups,” she added.

“We would like the cup to have an Oswestry identity, something on it to show it is a part of Oswestry. It’s about creating an eco-friendly vibe.

“And any little step, such as this, is in the right direction.”

Tom and Lindsey will meet on Friday to discuss plans further after advice from Shrewsbury Cup and to put cup designs forward.