Plans to narrow a road in a bid to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians have been refused.

The Catmur and Roberts families in Whittington, near Oswestry, applied to reduce the width of a section of Top Street to three metres wide.

But Shropshire Council said it felt the plans did not go far enough to solve traffic issues in the street.

Shannon Franklin, planning case officer, said: “Whilst it is considered that development as proposed may provide some limited localised highway improvements, it has not been adequately and satisfactorily demonstrated that there will be substantial benefits or planning gain to the wider community, to whom there does not appear to have been any consultation with. 

“It is noted that the parish council and local residents object to the scheme and therefore this proposal will be limited with regards overall planning gain, the existing highway arrangements are not considered to be so severe so as to warrant the development that is clearly not supported by the local community.

“The application seeks planning permission for the construction of a raised kerb approximately 11m long by 2m wide. 

“The aim of this alteration is to act as a traffic calming method, reducing the road width and improving traffic speed and flow along Top Street. 

“The works subject to the application are located approximately halfway along Top Street within Whittington.

“The proposed raised kerb will be situated within the existing highway in front of the residential dwelling known as Moorcroft and will extend between this dwelling’s driveway and the driveway of the neighbouring property to the west of 37 Top Street.”

Refusing planning permission, the council said: “On balance, it is not considered that the scheme for the installation of a built-out kerb can be supported as the potential benefits identified to three no. dwellings have not been substantiated with appropriate evidence. 

“Additionally, the scheme would result in a proposal which is not supported but local residents and in direct conflict with the desires and aims of the community for a comprehensive improvement scheme.”